Personal Development & One-to-One Coaching

If your joy for life and work has diminished or if you want to find another way, the important step is to renew your relationship with yourself, and perhaps gain a new perspective on the source of your passion and your energy.

Is this you?
  • Do you live what you profess?
  • Are you passionate about the work you do?
  • Are you able to live the life you want to live with enthusiasm?
Binnie can help with:
  • One-to-One private coaching or Breathwork sessions, in person, via Skype or via telephone
  • Group training and corporate coaching
  • Keynote presentations and events to a wide variety of audiences.
Topics can include:
- 'Being a Professional - incorporating video and presentation work'
- 'How the Original Intimacy Affects Your Day to Day Relationships'
- 'Success, Prosperity and Abundance'
- 'Making Peace with Being Physical'
- 'The Dynamics of Safety and Support in the Professional Environment'
- 'The Truth about Sensuality and Sexuality'
- 'What Does Love and Connection Have To Do With It?'
- 'Healing the Source Experience - the First Breath, the Defining Breath'

How to book:
If you would like more information any of the above; how to book a private one-to-one consultation, to discuss the best options for training for you or your groups, or to discuss costs, please do get in touch via the Contact Form below.

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