We share a common experience, you and I. We each come from the warm waters
and the shared intimacy inside another, our Mother.
When we connect and listen to one another we learn and grow and expand.
Each person has a distinctive story to tell.

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Ecstatic Life

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This section is a distillation of the self-discovery/training and system called Source Process and Breathwork. This system utilises both cognitive and somatic, mind and body, healing and promotes the possibility of an ecstatic engagement with life.

You will find resources, practical tools and information enabling you to take the steps to become the master of your own physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


This section deals with skills development of our work inprofessionalsettings.We offer one to one coaching, in person and on the telephone, keynotes, breathwork sessions, consulting to organizations, webinars and large group process with one or a team of presenters.

Ecstatic Birth

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This section offers a rich resource for those seeking supportive, compatible, and sometimes alternative choices for themselves and their children. The inspiration and information extends as well to the dedicated people who support birth professionally. Receive insight and guidance in learning how to forgive and release the past; welcome yourself as the best parent for yourself; and assure that the children in your care move into life with secure knowledge of safety and support.


Be inspired by, learn from, and listen to the works of Binnie A Dansby.
In her shop you will find Audio CD's, Books, DVDs, MP3 Downloads, including Binnie's bestseller Forgiveness: The Key to Happiness.
Why not download and listen to the MP3 on your way to work, or in the car.

This site represents 30 years of personal and professional development that has included one-to-one sessions, trainings, lectures and presentations, supporting the birthing of couples and birth professionals, as well as leading on-going personal development trainings in four countries.

The resulting body of work has been developed with, and is for, people from all walks of life, people who are interested in self-discovery and transformation that is constant and sustainable.

We offer you a wide range of resources, information and connections to support you in ‘giving birth to the one who intended to be here in the first place’.

Welcome to a Celebration of Possibility Thinking …

A Celebration of the Creative Process we call Life.