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Self-discovery with the SOURCE Process & Breathwork system of healing

“A thought planted in the mind and nourished by the breath, takes root in every cell of the body"

"What makes SOURCE Process and Breathwork remarkable and a fascinating phenomenon to study is its emphasis on birth
and healing birth trauma. The practice of SOURCE Breathwork is not just a breathing technique and it is not just about personal healing and self development. I believe it can also have a significant social influence." Katre Koppel (View the research here);
Source Process and Breathwork is a philosophy and a practice for healing the self-limiting primal decisions that we made based on our experience of life in the womb, when we took our first breath, and in the precious moments just after birth.
These decisions are held as unconscious beliefs that lay the foundation for our negative patterns and form the core of all human conflict. The system has developed over 25 years through my work with clients and colleagues in the fields of self-development, spirituality, birth and birth psychology, and therapeutic Breathwork.
Self-discovery SOURCE Process and Breathwork. Foundation principles:

  • The quality of birth affects the quality of life, and thus impacts and shapes the quality of society.
  • Our experience of conception, gestation, and birth is directly related to the way we approach the creative process in life.
  • Personal power is the ability to choose. All of our choices make a difference.
  • The conscious, connected breath is the most direct way to access suppressed fears and feelings, so that they can be healed.
  • Thought plus energy creates results in our experience of the physical world.
  • Everyone deserves safe, loving support in community.
  • The attitudes and patterns of each individual translate to the attitudes and patterns displayed by nations.
Research shows that babies are educable and making decisions in the womb and at birth. We remember our gestation and birth in every cell of our Being. Together with the safe, loving guidance of a SOURCE Breathwork Practitioner you can begin to contact your prenatal and birth memories, see where your most self-limiting thoughts and patterns have come from, and change them.

Fear engendered by later traumas and deprivation, as well as more immediate issues, can be brought into the healing matrix.
In the moment that a life-diminishing thought is changed to a life-enhancing thought, true healing begins. The essential breathing technique that is used has been known to yogis and mystics for centuries as a way of cleansing the body and liberating the spirit. 

In the mid-1970’s Leonard Orr created rebirthing and, subsequently, pioneers in many fields of psychology, spirituality and healing have undertaken further specialised development of Breathwork.

The ART of Breathing and Abundant Living.
Taking a breath is not something that you need to learn. What you can learn, is:
  • How to connect your breath in order to release stress and create vitality, wholeness and safety.
  • How to remember, release and heal life-diminishing decisions you made at birth or at any other time in your life.
  • How to create and live the life you want.

Binnie and Daniel
A SOURCE Process and Breathwork session in action.

What happens in a SOURCE Process and Breathwork Session?
A SOURCE Process & Breathwork session is generally two hours long. Your SOURCE Practitioner focuses on providing a direct experience of safety and support.  Before the multi-dimensional Breathwork, you and the SOURCE Practitioner will spend time getting to know one another; discussing your birth, negative patterns you want to change, and what is happening in your life right now.

A SOURCE Breathwork Practitioner uses his or her own integrated experience and SOURCE Processes, i.e. Diagnostic Questions, Resonance Questions, and Values Clarification to provide clarity for your work together. The session continues as either a breath session with you lying down comfortably on a couch or mat, or as a warm water breath session in which you are supported in a tub of warm water.
Your SOURCE Breathwork Practitioner will be with you all of the time; listening, assisting you to connect your breath and supporting you to move gently through any energy blocks that arise. Affirmations appropriate to your current situation are spoken in order to support you to feel, express, release and heal long-buried emotion, sometimes laughter . . . sometimes tears. Your breathing builds into a rhythm that is nurturing and relaxing, intuitive and reviving. You experience your sense of connection. You are no longer separate from your essential Self.

You are the one who chooses how many sessions you want to experience.  The goal is to successfully integrate conscious, life-enhancing ways of thinking, breathing and being.

In addition to private sessions, there are also introductory events, support groups, workshops, and professional training.