We are connected in love to all that lives and all that breathes!

The consistent choice for love honours our shared humanity, our authentic connection to one another, to ALL THAT IS.

Sometimes I ‘lose heart’.

I want things to be different than they are, in the world and in my life. I want change. I can remember periods in my life, months at a time earlier on, when I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I had no motivation other than the knowledge that it was expected of me. I am grateful to the people who honoured our connection; who cared enough about themselves, and about me, to let me ‘be’ exactly as I was. They listened, and at the perfect time, encouraged me to rise above it, and be all that I can be.

I notice that sometimes we are critical of those who appear to act at the behest of others. I agree that to act just because of what others may think about us is to live a limited life, and it is important to balance and to realise that we are not alone and separate. Judgment and criticism keep us from fully trusting ourselves, thus others.

We are connected in consciousness to all that lives. We receive sustenance from the natural environment. No one of us is independent of the others of us. When we realise this profound fact, spiritual awakening is inevitable.

I am inspired by the people around me, and the heroes whom I read about. The environments that we choose are a reflection of who we think we are.

What inspires you? What books and teachers, events and people, art and places have supported and motivated you to live a more full and rich life?

Have you ever been encouraged to diminish yourself or others?

That too is proof of our connection in consciousness, powerful and real. I remember as a teen, I was tempted by my desire to be acceptable to what was considered the ‘in’ group. There were times that there was a choice to step beyond the edge of respectful and legal. My strength to say, ‘no’, to deny myself the approval of ‘the others’, came ultimately from love.

While I took it for granted often, I never doubted my parents love for me. They did not lie to one another or to me and my brothers. I tried often to lie to them, and I could not. Lies cause a rip in the fabric of our shared humanity, and it seems that we are surrounded by people in authority who lie on a regular basis.

A Course in Miracles defines honesty as consistency in thought and word and action.

“There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; no thought opposes any other thought; no act belies your word, and no word lacks agreement with another.” ACIM, Manual for Teacher, pg 11

“How can anyone expect to be understood unless he presents his thoughts with complete honesty? This situation is unfair because it asks too much of the world. In effect, we say, “I don’t dare show you what I am because I don’t trust you for a minute but please love me anyway because I so need you to. And, of course, if you don’t love me anyway, you’re a dirty dog, just as I suspected, so I was right in the first place.” Yet, every time God’s children have thrown away fear in pursuit of honesty — trying to communicate themselves, understood or not, miracles have happened.” — Duke Ellington

The consistent choice for love honours our shared humanity, our authentic connection to one another to ALL THAT IS.


I sat down to write about inspiration, AND remembered this piece by astrologer, poet, philosopher, Rob Brezsny, www.freewillastrology.com

Rob Brezsny November 2016

Thousands of things go right for you every day, beginning the moment you wake up. Through some hocus-pocus you don’t fully understand, you are still breathing and your heart is beating, even though you have been unconscious for many hours. The air is a mix of gases that’s just right for your body’s needs, as it was before you fell asleep.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

You can see! Light of many colors and shapes floods into your eyes, registered and transmitted to your brain by a complex web of neurons that took Goddess or evolution billions of years to perfect.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

The interesting gift of these vivid colors and shapes is made possible by an unimaginably immense globe of fire, the sun, which ceaselessly detonates nuclear explosions in order to convert its own body into light
and heat and energy for your personal use.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

You can raise a glass of water to your lips. You can button your shirt. You can wash your hair and beat on a drum and draw infinity signs on a piece of paper. Your hands work wonderfully well. Your heart circulates your blood all the way out to replenish the energy of the muscles and nerves in your fingers and palms and wrists. And after your blood has delivered its blessings, it finds its way back to your heart to be refreshed. This astonishing mystery recurs over and over again without stopping every minute of your life.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

Language is another stupendous marvel. Millions of souls have cooperated intricately for untold centuries to cultivate a system of communication that you understand very well. Your ability to speak and read and write makes you feel strong and dynamic. It provides you with a crucial resource to make sense of the riotous cavalcade that always surrounds you. It enables you to indulge in one of your favorite pleasures, which is to hear and tell stories.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

According to my inside sources, you have personal possession of the universe’s most monumental and mysterious accomplishment.We take it for granted and refer to it with the pedestrian term “consciousness” . . . but this mercurial flash and dazzle that whirls around inside your head is outlandishly spectacular. You can think thoughts any time you want to — soaring, luminescent, flamboyant thoughts or shriveled, rusty, burrowing thoughts . . . thoughts that can invent or destroy, corrupt or redeem, bless or curse.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

But wait. There’s more. You can revel and wallow in great oceans of emotion. Whether they are poignant or intoxicating or somewhere in between, you relish the fact that you can harbor so much intensity. You cherish the privilege of commanding such extravagant life force.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

The best part of being in possession of the universe’s most monumental and mysterious accomplishment is this: You have at your disposal a prodigiously potent creative tool. It’s called your imagination. If there’s a specific experience or object you want to bring into your world, the first thing you do is visualize it. The practical actions you take to live the life you want to live always refer back to the pictures in your mind’s eye.

And so, every goal you fulfil, every quest you carry out, every liberation you achieve, begins as an inner vision. Your imagination is the engine of your destiny. It’s the catalyst with which you design your future.

I’ve got to ask you: How is any of this even possible? What colossal secret intelligence or improbable series of fabulous accidents conspired to bestow upon you all these superpowers?

Glory Glory Hallelujah

Of the millions of things that have gone right for you during your time on Earth, the first was your birth. It was a difficult miracle that involved many people who worked very hard on your behalf. No less amazing is the fact that you have continued to bloom ever since then, with new cells being born within you all the time to replace the old cells that are dying.

At this very moment, there are 50 trillion cells in your body, and each of them is really a sentient being in its own right. They all act together as a community, consecrating you with their breathtaking collaboration. It’s just like magic.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

To celebrate our extreme good fortune, I invite you to sing praises and
exaltations. Please repeat after me.

Everywhere we look: glory

Every time we move: glory

Every step we take: soaring glory

Every breath we take: roaring glory

Soaring roaring uproarious glory
is our story

Soaring roaring uproarious glory
is our story