The Truth About Joy

I invite everyone to read the following article by Eric Francis. He is now a well-known astrologer. In the past he was an investigative reporter. I consider him a philosopher and a teacher. His writing is insightful and clear.

Each of us can make a healing difference in all the lives around us and beyond. Diligence is required now in what appears to be a time of chaos and confusion.

In order to access the truth about ourselves when everything around us is in ‘upset’. It is important to remember that chaos and confusion are a result of Guilt, the thought that you have done something wrong. This is ALWAYS mistaken thinking.

The acceptance of the truth that our Essence of Being is Innocence is the beginning of a revolution in consciousness resulting in an authentic experience of Joy.

Possibly you have not experienced the purity that is the essence of Joy since childhood. It is not dependent on what you have or have not done. The experience of Joy is a result of embracing the truth of your Innocence and Purity and Light, your Good Intent, your Essence of Being.

I recommend reading the introduction to Chapter 13, The Guiltless World, in A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Text.

Iris flower

January 2017