Synchronicity is one of the blessings of awareness.

Expect miracles, breathe and make room for, what is.

Synchronicity is one of the blessings of awareness. Recently, in editing the book based on my work that I have written with Lynne Thorsen-Rowe, I have been strongly reminded of my long-held belief that the one who gestates the next generation is largely responsible for the next.

Women’s thoughts, choices and actions have a major and enduring influence on the individuals that they birth, and, thus, on the culture.

  • Were you born through pain and struggle?
  • Were you greeted by the loving hands of someone who was listening to you?
  • Are you aware that birthing energy is the most powerful of all human energy events?
  • Do you know that birth is safe, that it can be wholly empowering?
  • Were you held in the arms of love throughout your infancy, needs met with caring respect?

  • Yesterday I received a disturbing text from a dear friend who is a lifelong member of the Baha’i faith. It is from Baha’I World News Service.

    Ominous wave of Yemen arrests raises alarm | Bahá’í World News Service (BWNS) 
    “Orders for the arrest of at least 25 Baha’is have been issued by certain authorities in Sana’a who are harassing the Yemeni Baha’is and pressuring them to recant their faith. The baseless and nonsensical kindness and displaying rectitude of conduct in order to attract people to their Faith.

    The synchronous resonance of the words, “accusations levelled against the Baha’is include showing kindness and displaying rectitude of conduct”, brings tears to my eyes as I think of how pregnant and labouring women are treated in most institutions called hospitals. I think of the harsh treatment of children throughout history. I think about how even the most caring of parents undervalue the love their babies and children have for them.”

    It often seems a revelation to a parent when I suggest that instead of saying, “I love you”, to their child, they say, instead, “Thank you for loving me so much.” How many parents really listen to their children’s wisdom? How many parents were listened to as children?

    We are giving up/losing our humanity as we elect to be governed by corporate and authoritarian governments.

    As we explore more ways to enable fear and disregard of the physical body and energy, our feeling nature, we are denying our true power.

    Our true power is the ability to choose what to think about any circumstance, thus how to direct our fabulous life energy. Love is at the core of what it is to be human. Where is the love in our ‘worship’ of technology, in all its forms. When does technology stop being helpful and become toxic?

    “Women are the mothers of humanity; do not let us ever forget that or under-emphasise its importance. What mothers are to their children, so will man be to man. What man has made of man, he has tried to make of woman; but he has never quite succeeded, for the Mother that is in woman will keep expressing herself . . .”

    These words are from one of my inspirational teacher Heroes, Ashley Montagu. They are from his book, The Natural Superiority of Women. It was first published in 1952. I saw him interviewed in the mid 1960’s. I immediately bought the book, and it has informed my thinking, behaviour, and choices in profound ways. The book is still available on Amazon today, AND is so very relevant right now. I have included a longer excerpt from the book at the end of this blog, in case you want to read more.

    My book written with Lynne Thorsen-Rowe based in the foundations of the body of my work about the influence and impact of the source experience – conception, gestation, birth and early childhood – on all life systems is coming to full term. It has been a conscious, loving, and supported pregnancy.

    Our intention is that the birth of the book be fully conscious and receiving. I know that the time is right. My fears are clearing, and I am gaining in courage and confidence reading and re reading as we edit together. The process must be true and authentic, in love.

  • What is your mother’s birth story? What is your birth story?

  • Do you know that birth is safe, that it can be wholly empowering?

  • Do you know that life is safe, that is can be wholly empowering?

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    April 2017

    Women are …

    “…the mothers of mankind (humankind), they are its original lovers.

    A serious and a heavy responsibility is placed upon women. Women suddenly find themselves in much the same position as the U.S. all at once finds itself in relation to the rest of the world (published in 1952). Almost too precipitately the U.S. finds itself the richest and the most powerful nation in the world, and its problem is the recognition of its responsibility to the rest of the world, the proper relation of its strength to the rest of the world’s weakness. Similarly, the problem that woman will have increasingly to face is the sudden awareness of her strength in relation to man’s weakness. Recognition of this problem will undoubtedly prove unbalancing to many women, but when all the sound and fury has died down the question will remain: What can women do to pull mankind (humankind) through?

    In the first place, women must learn to respect themselves as women and not to think of themselves, any longer than necessary, as pale and submissive echoes of their alter egos. Respect must be based on self-knowledge of the high privilege of what it means to be a woman. When women understand what it means, socio-biologically, to be a woman, in terms such as I have set out in this book, they can then confidently move out into the world and assume their rightful place in it. Not having been trusted for so long, many women have lost faith. Women need confidence in themselves and a fuller awareness of the responsibility that being a woman entails. In the second place, women must assume the obligation of fulfilling their responsibilities, not as subjects of men, but as equally important, if not the most important, members of the community of humanity. Women are the mothers of humanity; do not let us ever forget that or under-emphasise its importance. What mothers are to their children, so will man be to man. What man has made of man, he has tried to make of woman; but he has never quite succeeded, for the mother that is in woman will keep expressing herself . . . .

    Women are the carriers of the true spirit of humanity-the love of the mother for her child. The preservation of that kind of love is the true function of women. And let me, at this point, endeavour to make it quite clear why I mean the love of a mother for her child and not the love of on equal for an equal, or any other kind of love.

    Maternal love is the purest and at the same time the most efficient form of love because it is the most compassionate, because it is the most understanding and the least censorious. Maternal love does not dispense justice; it neither condemns nor condones; it gives support while endeavouring to understand, and it never forsakes those who are dependent upon it. Maternal love is much more than just, for it functions as if it were aware that justice without love is not enough. Justice is love digested through rational calculation; love, more importantly, is justice adapted to the needs of the organism, and the maintenance of the organism then and thereafter in the warm ambience of its support. This, surely, is the kind of love we would wish to see prevail between human beings, rather than the kind of love that limits itself to the narrowest orbit and is conditional upon the fulfilment of certain strictly limited requirements.

    Woman knows what true love is; let her not be tempted from her knowledge by the false idols that man has created for her to worship. Woman must stand firm and be true to her own inner nature; to yield to the prevailing false conceptions of love, of unloosing love, is to abdicate her great evolutionary mission to keep human beings true to themselves, to keep them from doing violence to their inner nature, to help them to realise their potentialities for being loving and co-operative. Were women to fail in this task, all hope for the future of humanity would depart from the world.

    Ashley Montagu, The Natural Superiority of Women, originally published in 1952, Macmillan