So What Do You Think About Women

I am moved to tears as I acknowledge a deepening of my long-time commitment to the empowerment of women, beginning before birth.

Currently I am reading THE WAR ON WOMEN And the Brave Ones Who Fought Back, by award-winning journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts. This is an issue that rises from the very womb of culture. It is a personal issue that extends to the political.

One evening in 1989, I sat on a rooftop in a small village in Palestine.

By invitation, I was watching a wedding celebration which had been going on for several days. What I saw was a well-lit stage, a band, and 2 throne like chairs. The groom sat there watching the dance floor filled with men having a good time dancing with one another. Around the dance floor were 3 or 4 rows of chairs filled with black abaya clad women with children running about playing among them. Periodically, the bride would be brought from a nearby house to sit on the other ‘throne’ beside her groom.

I could not take my eyes off of these women. I felt the intense energy deep in my solar plexus. The young woman who was travelling with me said, “I think they are really angry.” “I know they are!” was my instant spontaneous response in that moment, I was keenly aware of the collective archetypal rage of EVERYWOMAN, whether aware of it or not. It is important to remember, All of our thoughts matter, they take form.
We co-create our bodies inside the body, mind, and Spirit of Woman. Women must take responsibility for ‘buying in’, surrendering to the monotheistic belief that men are superior, although they have had to slaughter and abuse and demean us in order to bring about this submission. The treatment of women in the name of a male ‘god’ has caused women to fear men’s strength and reasoning, and to harbour deep, deep resentment. This does not change unless Woman’s thoughts change or alter.

In 1980, my colleague, Dr Linda Thistle, and I held a convening in Los Angeles, CA.

We called it OUTRAGEOUS WOMAN, A Woman Who Uses the Energy of Her Rage to Create Miracles. It was created out of the acknowledgement of woman’s innate power to shape the future from womb to world.
In my healing, counselling, Breathwork practice over 35 years, I have observed and heard women reveal Woman’s most negative thought about men in myriad ways.

“‘Men hurt you, and they leave you!’
‘They pierce you with their arrows and leave you to suffer and die.’
‘They pierce you with their penis and leave you with the pain of childbirth.’
‘They pierce you with the sting of their intellect and their dogma and for survival’s sake you submit’
We are ALL connected intimately with ‘Mother’s Mind”.

We each, female and male want Mother to be happy. If a woman has the archetypal thought of being hurt and left, then ‘he’ must give her what she wants. We create reality from our concepts. Society/culture is a reflection of thought forms we are wholly unaware of. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PERPETUATING SUFFERING AND PAIN. 

I feel so blessed by my father, who was wise, intelligent, and compassionate.

He had deep respect for Woman, because he had a strong and resilient and resourceful Mother. She was a community leader and business woman in the early 1900’s, and saw to it that young women, no matter what colour, who needed support in her small area of influence had what they needed. This was in segregated South Central Texas. I realise now that she nurtured her 3 sons with such care that they could truly care for others with authentic regard, even within a culture of racism and misogyny.

I believe that the source of violence is reflected in our cultural choices. The one who nurtures and nourishes the seed, as well as her chosen environment, shapes the resulting fruit. This is basic epigenetics. As a result of extensive research, James W. Prescott PhD stated that the origin of violence is right there in the delivery room. In our book about the impact of Birth on all life systems, Lynne Thorsen Rowe and I write about men of the allopathic medical community and their abuse in the guise of help. The history of men taking over ‘her story’ in all forms and areas of life is epic. We women must make clearer, better informed, loving choices for ourselves and our beloved children, male and female.

I could go on and on with my rant, and suffice to say that, as long as women Fear men and don’t even know it, they will mock men and manipulate them. They will submit to them and then blame them. Only when women own their power and influence and the responsibility that goes with that influence will men be able to put down the sword. Blame is always off the track, and men have carried a very heavy burden in their role as ‘god’. Lots of muscle mass means you can protect and build, and thinking in different ways just opens more possibilities for humanity. There is so much logic and great design in having 2 sexes. To bring fear and resentment and blame into the equation has created chaos and confusion, which is what it appears that much of humanity is coping with at the moment.

We can change the story that we tell ourselves.

We can begin ‘at home’ within. And, we can then support others to do the same. I am happy to say that that is part of my purpose and commitment. I think our future depends on women embracing responsibility for their power and influence.

“Woman knows what true love is; let her not be tempted from her knowledge by false ideas that man has created for her to worship. Woman must stand firm and be true to her own inner nature; to yield to the prevailing false conceptions of love, of unloving love, is to abdicate her great evolutionary mission to keep human beings true to themselves, to keep them from doing violence to their inner nature, to help them to realize their potentialities for being loving and cooperative. Were women to fail in this task, all hope for the future of humanity would depart from the world”
Ashley Montagu (1952). The Natural Superiority of Women. 
Macmillian New York, P250

So, what do you think???