The Healing of Birth (DVD)

The Healing of Birth (DVD)


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Narration by Binnie A Dansby

This significant documentary, The Healing of Birth, takes the viewer through the science, wisdom and heart of “Birth Matters”. The Healing of Birth explores the radical implications for each of us and society of acknowledging conscious awareness in urtero, during and after birth.

The research is in… it is no longer an issue of “are we aware in utero and does our experience have an effect”, but simply what are we going to do with this information for the benefit of our children, ourselves and society.

Science tells us the infant is more capable than we had ever imagined. Therapeutic studies reveal adult access to memories that indicate a much more aware infant.

An arrival of divine proportions, or a journey through the gates of hell; to engage in the birth process is to embrace the greatest beauty whilst risking our greatest fears.

Safety, support and connection (bonding through continuous physical and emotional contact) are the most vital of elements necessary for human development. This need begins in utero and is essential through out birth and the first foundation years of a child’s life. What is the relevance of this information to adults? Our own experience informs all that we do and how we are in life and society.


With Joseph Chilton Pearce, Barbara Findeisen PhD., Sobonfu Some, Ray Castellino,
David Chamberlain PhD., Marti Glen PhD., Debby Takikawa and Nancy Greenfield.

Narration by Binnie A. Dansby< Co-originated and produced by Elmer Postle and Debby Takikawa A film by British film-maker Elmer Postle Weight: 0.1 kg Dimensions: 120 mm × 14 mm × 180 mm


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