Forgiveness: The Key to Happiness


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FORGIVENESS – The Key to Happiness (CD)
Forgiveness – They Key to Happiness has consistently been Binnie’s most popular product for more than 15 years. There are people who listen to this CD daily and receive tremendous support for life’s challenges.
Happiness is the result of a sense of innocence, innocence comes from absence of guilt, the absence of guilt will come from holding everyone blameless, which is achieved through forgiveness.
Binnie’s “Process ForGiving” is the key. Although Forgiveness The Key to Happiness is highly valuable for pregnancy it is applicable for anyone wanting more from life and wanting to clear past influences.
This composition begins with “The Morning Prayer”, a brief meditation to start your day or any aspect of life. Starting your day with The Morning Prayer is a gift in itself. The next track is “The Process ForGiving”, This one process alone has been credited with transforming many people’s life experience.

Key Benefits:
For any phase of life
May be listened to regularly, for maximum benefit!
A most valuable reminder about how and why life works!


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