Ecstatic Birth (DVD)

Ecstatic Birth (DVD)


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ECSTATIC BIRTH – Conceive the Possibility (DVD)

This Ecstatic Birth DVD is ideal for parents, childbirth professionals and anyone interested in conception, pregnancy and birth.

This beautiful and moving interactional presentation includes: supportive birth advice, guided visualization, a birth video as well as explanations of breath-work, archetypal affirmations and ten points to remember about birth.

It includes Binnie’s four essentials for having an ecstatic birth, a midwife interview about ecstatic birth as well as a rich collection of speeches, articles, references and bibliography.

Truly inspirational and instructive, it is best viewed on a computer. It is in PAL format and can be utilized anywhere.

Key benefits:

  • You can spend 9 minutes, 9 hours or 9 months with this disc.
  • Highly educational
  • Let all of your senses be uplifted through this inspirational programme of information, ideas and education.
  • A pregnancy and birth education – on a DVD!

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