Adventures in Manifesting - Soulful Relationships

Adventures in Manifesting – Soulful Relationships


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Adventures in Manifesting – Soulful Relationships
33 Stories to Attract Meaningful Connection in Relationship.
Binnie has co-authored a chapter with Lynne Thorsen and in it they take you through “The Doorway to Intimacy”. They inspire you to explore the most important relationship: The one you have with yourself! Whether you wish to meet your soul mate, understand why you attracted certain people into your life, need to heal emotional pain, or want to learn how to connect on a deep soul level with your higher self, then this book will illuminate your way.
Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships will take you through a one of a kind journey to discovering your heart’s alignment, creating inner-peace, and bringing consciousness to the soulful relationships that are manifesting in your life.

A great gift to a friend.
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