Our children are the future

The words below were written many years ago for the welcoming ceremony for a beautiful baby girl in Sweden.

It is wholly synchronous with the video about Neema and the crisis occurring in birth and childhood all over the world. Despite books and teachings from masters in many fields, children are still thought of by many as ‘other than’, a burden and another responsibility, trouble, unwanted, unintelligent, of no use until they are older. The truth is they great teachers who have come to love and actually care for us. If you look into the eyes of a newborn and listen, you will hear, ‘I am here for you. I love you.’

Our children are the future. They have the ability to open our hearts and to inspire our growth. In the presence of a child we have the opportunity to remember our essential innocence and awaken to unlimited possibilities. Their every activity reminds us of the wonder and the magnificence in the simplest of things.

All of us have the ability to respond to all children, to nourish and nurture and guide them. The truth of our connection to all that we need is alive in each child’s expression.

They teach us about the Divine in all things.

What we think about the children is what we think about the future. Is there fear in your giving, a “should” behind your actions?

It is important to slow down in these fast-moving times and extend real attention to the Blessing that each child has to bestow. Honour the Presence.

Look into the eyes of a child and receive the joy and acceptance, love and trust that they have for you. This is the Oneness that we seek. This is the Love that we are all looking for.

Allow each meeting with a child to remind you of the gift of love that each Human Being brings. Allow each meeting with a child to remind you of the gift of love that you are.

The future is filled with Love, with Light!

You will not forget this video

Blessings, BINNIE