Collected below are testimonials, comments and kind words for Binnie A Dansby.

Evaluations from Ecstatic Birth Workshop at Association of Radical Midwives Conference.
31 OCTOBER 2015, Roma Norriss and Binnie A Dansby

  • “Binnie and Roma were brilliant – great mix of mediums- meditation, sharing, film. EXCELLENT”
  • “Feel uplifted & empowered. Gained so much spiritually & feel connected to everyone in the room and the baby in my heart”
  • “Transformative in reconsidering the role your birth plays in your birthing experience.”
  • “Totally compelling”
  • “I needed today to remember why I love birth and renew my passion after having it subdued during my labour ward placement. Thank you.”
  • “Inspiring - Captivating - Moving - Informative - Spiritual - Oxytocin!”

  • "Hi, Binnie, I just wanted to thank you for the morning prayer. I have listened to it every day this week and find it a great way to start the day. In fact following the two sessions we had together I feel empowered, calm and although very busy I go to bed and wake up with positive energy :). The negative stress I was feeling before is much less and I feel "free" in my thoughts
    and actions. Fantastic."
    E.N. Communications Executive, London, via email.

    ". . . you (Binnie) are with me almost every night. :-)
    I don´t sleep as well as I did when I was younger and keep waking up in the middle of the night.

    I then put on your meditation which makes me feel so safe and surrounded by love that I can relax and easily fall asleep again. It almost always works. :-)"
    VW, Stockholm, Sweden, via email.
    Binnie A Dansby, A Woman I Deeply Honour and Love - Tamara Himmelstrand, Sweden.
    Excerpt from BIRTH OF A REBIRTHER, A. Duncansen

    "Binnie has enabled me to make miracles happen in my life. She is 100% dedicated to being truthful in her teaching. In her presence I felt safe enough to let go deeply. She has a passion and love for people and helping them to see their own divinity and perfection. If you see and experience Binnie work at a birth or in the warm water Breathwork form she created, as I have, sometimes for long hours at a time. Then you understand that she is driven by an inner passion to enable healing to come about.

    Binnie is an artist. Attending her courses and trainings we see glimpses of the artist-designer in her. She loves beautiful things and environments that are life enhancing. She lives creatively, listening in all the time to know how to take care of herself and others.

    She deeply respects everyone who comes in contact with her. She treats everyone with the same loving passion. In her presence, as we all have witnessed, deep transformation happens to everyone willing to stick with it.

    Binnie is an exceptional woman in so many ways. She has lived the life of a daughter to two powerful and wealthy parents in Texas; the life of a student in NYC; the life of a singer/actress; and the life of a successful clothes designer. She has lived the life of a hectic, obsessed New Yorker; the life of a married woman; the life of a successful mother to two sons; and the life of a single mom. After all these rich lives, she made the conscious choice to live the life of personal healing and communion. This is the life I know her in. the other lives are stories that seem so far away and yet when she tells of them I get reminded of the huge steps she must have taken in her life.

    One of the most basic insights about people and growth that Binnie teaches is: Only when someone feels safe will they allow themselves to open up, reveal, and heal. Binnie is really a master at creating this safety."

    Excerpt from BIRTH OF A REBIRTHER, A. Duncansen, editor, 1996, Stockholm, Sweden ISBN 91-972626-1-7

    "I want to share my gratitude and support today...I am going through big life you are too..... i am about to start today being a regular "professional" on radio speaking about healing from within, and then my TV debut starts on 6th May.... filming for 13 weeks of shows. I had never seen media being a part of my life....and it is not without some feelings of insecurity, doubt, fear, about losing my privacy...etc, that i am taking on the invitation.

    I just want you to know,... that.... as i sit here waiting for the lift to take me to the radio station.... i am with your source process archetypal affirmations....for myself....and they are steadying me...... Just so you know.... in REAL time.... just one of many places in the here and now i am sure where your work and love is being put to grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat use!"
    Fiona, Malta/London, via email.