Innocence - The Heart Chakra

Life is a Love Story, A Story of the Heart

The heart is home to the Essence of Being. The colour of the heart centre in the individuated colour spectrum is green, the colour of Nature and healing. With an open heart we can experience being One with All that is whole and complete. In Source philosophy the heart is the centre of innocence and compassion...

it is essential to open the heart before we know what is going on at all.. 
As you open your heart’s eye you start looking for love, and you find it everywhere

When I am available and beginning to integrate ‘I am safe, There is somebody there for me, My feelings are safe, I have a choice’, I begin to center in innocence, and that is what the heart chakra is about. Everyone of us took a first breath right into this space, and we created, we caused, we began an enormous change. And at the same time all these other things were happening to us  - that we have spoken about. ‘What am I going to think?’ – ‘I have done something wrong’. And I shut down. This energy center is essential to the flow, free flow of energy. This heart chakra is right in the middle.

We have got three upper, and three lower, and this little thing here (resurrection chakra), and other ones, but the main issue is to open the heart, and that’s exactly what we do first. So, that is why we breathe into the high chest. On the esoteric level it is essential to open the heart before we know what is going on at all. We just don’t even have a glimmer of what is happening until we take the risk of breathing into this center; letting it open like a flower, receive what is really happening. Beginning to look through the hearts eye. Now, our hearts eye up until now, through that shutdown, has been just like a little squint, and what we see is danger, most of the time!

Open it up, see what is happening. Listen with the hearts ear. Begin to look out to find Spirit, look out see God, look out there to see innocence, look for it! The heart’s eye looks for it. And we always find what we are looking for - I’m telling you, you will always find exactly what you are looking for.

Even if you think that was not what I was looking for - I was looking for love. If you encountered attack, if you pain and struggle, then that is what you have looked inside and seen, and are looking for. As you open the heart, and you open the heart’s eye, you start looking for love - and you find it everywhere. Because it is everywhere, in every one. And it’s the truth, not just in song lyrics, and poems, and all of that.

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the spiritual energy centres in the body and the physical energy centres. While the Solar Plexus is the mediator between these energies, the Heart is the Doorway through which the energies of Spirit can nourish the physical and the energies of Earth can gift the spiritual. Many years ago a student in the English SOURCE Training said, “The heart is the doorway you have to go through to get to everything else!” The heart and the brain have similar cells. They develop together from the beginning of gestation and remain intimately connected physically and psycho-spiritually. Pictures taken of the electromagnetic field of a human heart are a duplicate of the electromagnetic field emitted by the Sun. The medical speciality psycho-neuroimmunology acknowledges this connection and the direct impact of our connection with other people and our environment on both our bodies and our consciousness.

The healing thoughts for this centre are:

- I am the innocent child of a Gentle God…

- I deserve to experience all of my Love!

- Everyone is safe with me!

- Everyone is glad that I am here!

- I am open to receive all the love that comes to me. 

- I deserve it!