Forgiving is a lifestyle, I think.

Forgiveness is a key component of my thoughts as I am writing now.

This is a favourite subject for me to teach and to contemplate. A key to lasting happiness, forgiveness is an ongoing process.

Forgiving is a lifestyle, I think.

We live in a connected consciousness of resentment and judgement and criticism and must be vigilant with ourselves. When we refuse to forgive, we are actually punishing ourselves, and that is not healthy on any level. I often use the metaphor that refusal to forgive is like taking poison and expecting the other person or issue to die. As I often do, recently I picked up ACIM and asked for guidance in the moment. I opened and read a couple of paragraphs and was called away. A little later, I realised that what I had read simply said,

It is not God’s will that you crucify yourself.

Now, there is a point of contemplation.

I offer you the following set of affirming thoughts that I call The Morning Prayer.

For some of you it will be a reminder of the days in the SOURCE Training, and the assignment to read it every day. When you begin your day with these words, it is easier to remember who you are and to come in contact with ‘the one who intended to be here in the first place’. In this version, there is an added forgiveness process in the middle.


This is a bright and beautiful day.
I am safe and acceptable in this day.
As I take full, deep, connected breaths, I choose to be here and receive the fullness and abundance of this Generous Universe.
I am a participant in this Generous Universe; it is incomplete without me.

I have a choice to see the beauty and experience the nourishment
available to me.
I have a choice to remember that I am innocent and that
everyone is safe with me.

I have a choice to let go of the past.

Bring to conscious awareness someone or something that you are holding in resentment. Imagine this person being bathed in pure white healing light in your Creation Space, your Heart Space. No matter what you think or how you feel,
just allow this person or thing to be with you.

Now, imagine a manifestation of the energy of unconditional Love. This could be a person or a colour or simply an ambiance. Imagine unconditional Love. If you are willing place the person or thing that you resent into this energy manifestation with the intention of leaving it there for 24 hours. Give it to Love for 24 hours.
Tomorrow at this time you can take it up again if you choose.
In the meantime, whenever you think of this person or thing,



I am filled with gratitude for the love that is in my life.
I am grateful for the shelter and support that has always been here for me.
I am grateful for all the blessings that this Generous Universe
has bestowed upon me.

I trust that there is better in store for me than I can even imagine,
So, I can just let go and receive all the support and love.
I am the Divine Plan manifesting.
I have a right to be here, safe and whole and complete.

I send love to all those whom I know and to all hearts open to receive Love.


Love and Blessings,

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© Binnie A. Dansby