Feelings - The Solar Plexus Chakra

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We think our feelings have a thought - they don’t!

Our feelings are just feelings. All of them, though, have a thought attached to them, out of past experience.

And this moves on to the solar plexus, which I notice is the place where we feel butterflies if we are really nervous. If there is really something going on we get like a cramp in the stomach, butterflies right in here, in the upper chakra of the physical. Some have called it the mind of the body, the solar plexus. And it’s directly related to the physical mind, because it is about feelings, and feeling engenders thought because an experience requires a thought and a feeling. We human beings are so run by our feelings that we think our feelings have a thought - they don’t! Our feelings are just feelings.

So this is actually the center for sensation and feeling nature having a body. Feelings are life energy registering in the physiology, registering in this magnificent communication device that we have created, co-created. And all of them though, have a thought attached to them, out of past experience. So, we need to begin to change the thoughts, and let the feelings be whatever they are, so that we can get our energy moving, and not be afraid of it.

Because if I have the thought ‘Oh my God there is danger, I am afraid’ attached to this feeling, I’m just going to scare myself, I’m just going to hide. If I have a thought attached to these sensations, this energy that’s registering in my physiology that there is ‘no one there for me’, ‘I’m alone, then am I going to come out’, ‘am I going to communicate what is going on for me?’, ‘There is nobody there for me, it’s dangerous anyway’.

Yellow LogoSo, I’ve got these sensations going on in my solar plexus, it’s probably going in different places, well I’m just going to have to get this together here, maybe I will take a digestive pill or something…

It’s safe to feel is creator consciousness. Creator consciousness makes a choice about what to think, so that the energy that is registering, that is flowing can nourish that thought. Because when I think that it is dangerous, I’m nourishing that though with all this energy.
..it’s time to think about the thoughts and messages that we are sending and nourishing in our unborn children

Everything alive need food, we water the plants, we feed our bodies, our life energy is nourishing our thoughts, is feeding our thoughts. When a baby is in utero, you don’t have to think about it, a woman doesn’t have to think about nourishing the baby, it’s a natural process.

Well, this is exactly what is happening with though and life energy, thoughts and feelings. We haven’t thought about it for so long that we have gotten ourselves in a real pickle. 
It’s time to think about it, it’s time to think about the thoughts and messages that we are sending and nourishing in our unborn children. And anyone of us has unborn children, the thoughts that create results in our lives.

So, we use the metaphor of birth and conception and pregnancy, and the truth is that in every moment you are conceiving a thought, you are nourishing it with your energy, and if those thoughts are Life is dangerous, It’s not safe to be here, There is no one there for me, then you are using your life energy unwisely, and you are responsible for pissing yourself off, making yourself real angry, because we don’t like lies. Everyone is exceedingly integrous.

So, this center, the yellow, and it’s fascinating too, because if you look at color, you’ve got red, and yellow, you’ve got either danger, and associated with feelings, danger, coming together in the orange, and if you got ‘Feelings are dangerous’, then who is not there for you? You! You have abandoned your self. You have separated yourself from yourself. You are the mother who have let go of her child, and let it out there into nothingness.

So, as we begin to integrate safety, and it’s safe to feel, in creator consciousness we choose ‘I am safe’, My feelings are safe in the orange, the yellow and the red coming together, we begin to feel supported, we begin to think I’m doing a really good thing here for myself, I’m taking very good care of myself. This is all about you, your own consciousness, you become a loving mother when you begin to make choices that are going to enhance your life. 

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The healing thoughts for this centre are:

- All of my feelings are safe!
- I am enough…… I do enough…… I have enough!
- I am the power and authority in my life!
- I am the One who chooses what to think and how to use my energy!

Who you are is the one, and 'one' is not singular in my cosmology, who you are is the one who chooses. We choose apples, we choose oranges, we choose eggs, we choose flowers, we choose partners, we choose all the time. We are choosers. Bring it home, bring it in.

Start becoming so refined as a human being that you choose what you are thinking so that you can allow your energy to flow and move. Because if I choose ‘No’, if I choose danger then I’m going to contract. I have to, because I have to protect myself. I have to keep myself safe, because nobody else is going to. If I choose ‘Yes’ - I’m safe; if I choose ‘Yes - there is someone here for me’, then I open and I begin to have that experience, because I’m available for it.

And then I can begin to listen to my heart.