Binnie and her team appear around the world talking at events, conferences, congresses as well as more recently Virtual Events. All of which will be listed below and on Binnie’s Facebook Events page.

2020 Dates (UK) and Introductory Evenings


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Enrolment for our January 2020 Diploma is open:

Join us January 2020 – November 2020, 20 Days in London

Experience and heal the foundations of your creative potential through immersion in a skilfully held group. Explore the powerful, often hidden landscape, of our earliest, most formative encounters supported by the breath’s eternal capacity to restore joy.


Binnie A. Dansby, Elmer Postle, Julia Duthie and assistants.


Introductory Talks

Call us or come to a free introductory talk in London with Binnie A. Dansby and Elmer Postle:
– Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 6:00 PM
– Friday, November 22, 2019 at 7:30 PM.
Venue: The Benedictine Study & Arts Centre, 74 Castlebar Road, London W5 2DD. See Eventbrite Listing for more information and to book.


The Diploma

‘Binnie and Elmer … have created a magical and sacred space in which to integrate a new perspective and a model of self-care that resonates deep within. A truly life-changing experience.’   V.S. – Participant, May 2019.

In this 20-day course you will develop the capacity to listen and be present to self and other through profound healing and integration of the early experiences of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood.

Each of us has a deeply held experience of conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood – “Our First 1000 Days”. When we are willing to inquire into this rich, and often unconscious realm of personal and collective psychology, we gain access to the foundations of our creative potential. This awareness makes us more available to being with others, both professionally and in close relationships.

This will find place in a gentle, safe, and supportive environment wherein you can remember, release, and examine the impact, reward, and healing energy inherent in your own birth process and will learn to facilitate that process in others.

We will work with experiential SOURCE Process and Breathwork, birth process work models, prenatal and perinatal psychology and physiology theory, guided meditation, small and large group work, somatic and trauma psychology practice.

Participants will receive mentoring throughout the duration of the training.


Who We Are

Binnie A. Dansby is an inspiring teacher and a gifted counsellor, healer, author, and philosopher. She is the creator of a personal and professional development system, SOURCE Process and Breathwork, which she has taught in 3-year, self-development trainings in England, Germany, Denmark and Estonia for over 30 years.

Elmer Postle

Elmer Postle is a Craniosacral therapist and film maker with a specialisation in birth psychology. He has studied Source Process and Breathwork, Prenatal and Birth Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy which together form the basis of his practice.

Julia Duthie
Julia has worked as an independent midwife in the South West of England since 1990. She has trained extensively in prenatal and birth therapy for both adults and babies as well as other modalities. She has four children of her own whose births taught her a lot about the importance of empowering women giving birth.

Fees are £2,600. Payable by one deposit of £200 (to reserve your place), plus 10 instalments of £240 a month. All prices include VAT at 20%.
Castlebar Road, Ealing, London W5 UK

“Anything presented by Binnie Dansby is extraordinarily worthwhile. One of the best teachers in the area of Pre and Perinatal Psychology”. Patricia Brennan

“I just want you to know,… that…. as i sit here waiting for the lift to take me to the radio station….i am with your source process archetypal affirmations….for myself….and they are steadying me……” FL, London

“your meditation .. makes me feel so safe and surrounded by love that I can relax and easily fall asleep again. It almost always works. :-)”
VW, Stockholm, Sweden

“Hi, Binnie… following the two sessions we had together I feel empowered, calm and although very busy I go to bed and wake up with positive energy :)”  E.N. Communications Executive, London

From Elmer Postle’s Film: ‘The Healing of Birth’
“This is an extraordinary film… and the director’s vision is truly noteworthy”
The Journal Of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 

“I enthusiastically endorse the film made by Elmer Postle on the psychology of birth. It is an interesting film and introduces in a dynamic way the key concept of the autonomy, sensitivity and intensity of the new baby.”. Mr Yehudi Gordon MB CHB, FRCOG FCOG (SA), British Consultant Gynaecologist,

“(The) film is tender and gentle, and the camera-work is excellent”. Sheila Kitzinger, internationally recognized author and activist on childbirth and women’s and human development. 

Tel: +44 (0) 782 792 3134

Office and practice:
3 Montpelier Avenue
Ealing, London
W5 2XP

End note from Binnie:

This is a time for listening ‘in’ and of enjoying the energy of holidays and sunshine. I feel a sense of renewal and wanting to know how to be of greater service.

I so enjoy my one on one sessions, in person or online. You are welcome to make contact If you think that I can support you in any way.