SOURCE Breathwork Course

What can I expect from a SOURCE Breathwork Training Course?

Participants will experience:

  • The power of SOURCE Breathwork – warm water, group, one to one and tantric sessions.

  • The art of being with a physical body.

  • Query process work that leads to diagnosis, integration and empowerment.

  • The truth about forgiveness and the Process forGiving.

  • Deepenings – a form of guided visualisation with particular attention to the conscious, connected breath, as well as, your thoughts and images.

  • Development of spiritual and intuitive skills.

  • Learning to express powerful emotions in ways that enhance life and relationships.

  • Creating a loving relationship with yourself and others.

  • The most effective and powerful use of affirmations and declarations. 

  • The mechanics of manifesting exactly what you want.

  • Breath physiology and other breath techniques.

  • Creative self-expression in the form of writing and presentation.

Since 1988 hundreds of people have found value in and have completed the education in England, Germany, and in Denmark. Each individual is considered and honoured as being a unique spark of the Divine and is encouraged to bring forth and express their creativity and joy. In both large and small groups, processes are designed to facilitate a personal experience of self as an individual and as a part of a greater, unified whole.

The Course

The SOURCE Process Breathwork Training course consists of 4, one-year modules.
You can sign up for one module at a time.
The meetings take place once a month over 9 months and consist of a foundation week in the autumn, a completion week in summer and one weekend in each of the 7 months in between.

The first year of the course is about learning to consciously create new source   experiences of yourself and your life by releasing, forgiving, and integrating the past using the tools taught in the course. It is the foundation year and an opportunity to become comfortable with a new inner experience of safety and support that you can trust. 

The second year of the course is about practice, experimentation and "coming out with yourself", using what you have learned and taking action from the new ground of Being. This second module ends with a 'visibility' project of your choice; showing newly discovered aspects of Self.

The third year is about exploring new levels of consistency, responsibility and leadership in small group work, being of service to those who are just beginning the journey and receiving while giving. Third year participants have the opportunity to enhance presentation skills, as well as their counselling and therapeutic skills.

The fourth year is about expanding personal consciousness of service by supporting the group process, supervising and counselling students, and participating in leadership training within the SOURCE Education community. A certificate of completion is granted at the end of each year for participants who fulfil all of the assignments. Completion of 4, one-year modules is rewarded with a Diploma if all requirements are met.

Certain aspects of the course are differentiated after the first, foundation year. For those participants who wish to become SOURCE Process and Breathwork certified and accredited therapists, greater demands will be made regarding theoretical and written work, documentation of practical experience, supervision and presentation. Information about the expanded program and future plans can be obtained on request.

Course Meetings

In the course meetings the basic principles of 'the work' are applied to:

  • The Foundations of SOURCE Process and Breathwork; 
  • Relationships – Healing the Original Intimacy;  
  • About Birth – The Dynamics of Creation; 
  • Connection and Support;  
  • Healing Your Inner Child;   
  • Expression and Choice;  
  • Abundance, Success and Manifestation; 
  • Being a Professional – Walking Your Talk; 
  • God and the Body; 
  • The Ultimate Conflict Resolution - Choosing the Peace That You Are; 
  • Expanding the Senses and Developing a Deeper Understanding of Relationship.
Expanding Network

The extended network created through this course includes different vocations and types of people and embraces all aspects of society. Some of them work as engineers, business people, doctors, midwives and nurses, designers, consultants, teachers and artists, as well as psychotherapy and Breathwork professionals. The SOURCE Education Program is available in England and Denmark and has included participants from many countries.

For further details including cost, dates and how to enrol please contact: