SOURCE Process & Breathwork Training

Healing in the sense of 'to make whole'
is a central focus of attention.

The following describes the bottom-line principles of SOURCE Process and Breathwork which informs the training.

Safety and support, acceptance and healing are the cornerstones of SOURCE Process and Breathwork.

Effective query process work and conscious integrative Breathwork blend harmoniously to create a whole therapeutic system. It is designed to gain direct access to suppressed feelings and the thoughts or memories bonded to them so that they can be acknowledged and healed. These are often thoughts and feelings that we are not in contact with on a daily basis.

Thought added to life energy creates results in our physical and emotional life.

In a SOURCE session active listening and conscious use of the breath activate deep, long held feelings, and energy is set in motion. Once life diminishing decisions are revealed and life energy is flowing, new foundation thoughts are presented, choice is possible, and healing integration is inevitable. A new source experience is born. Victim consciousness is transformed to creator consciousness.

Breath is the simple instrument for the centring of the self.It returns us with rhythm to living and to life.

The connected breath is a means to stimulate energy, centre oneself and work consciously with life energy.  In SOURCE Process and Breathwork you learn to breathe with intention, using the increased life force energy to  nurture thoughts that you choose for the purpose of expansion and change. Increased creativity, limitless self-expression, confidence, abundance and service are the results.

A seed planted in the mind, nourished by the breath, takes hold in the heart of every cell in your body.

Binnie A. Dansby developed SOURCE Process and Breathwork as a result of her work with counselling and Breathwork since 1975; with pre and peri-natal psychology, birth preparation and birth support since 1980; and teaching 3-year diploma trainings in Germany, Denmark and England since 1987. The trainings support the evolution and refinement of the work. 

A central aim of Binnie's work is to educate people about the influence and impact of the prenatal and birth experience on all aspects of life, personal and cultural, AND to present the possibilities available for healing the negative decisions engendered by our beliefs and practices. In the training, Binnie connects ancient universal truths and more recent scientific findings in the fields of psychology, endocrinology and biology, and relates them in a way that allows both intellectual and cellular integration.

The attitudes and patterns of each individual translate to the attitudes and patterns displayed by nations.

Becoming part of a safe, supportive group you will have the security to undergo profound personal growth and transformation. The nurturing environment encourages revelation and release while exchanging information and personal experience. Old habitual ways of thinking and acting are released. Suppressed energy is set free to give life to new ways of being,

In connection and with support, you deepen your sense of safety and trust, clear your basic fears about life and awaken awareness of your soul's purpose.  Most people quickly realise that they become more free, creative and constructive in their daily life and more easily achieve their desired goals. Increased inner authority, strength, and self-respect are often results of this profound education.

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