I have gathered together some ReSources that I think might just benefit you.
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Ecstatic Life
Morning Prayer
Centering Process
Creative Solutions Profile

Ecstatic Life

Each and every one of us can benefit from being reminded of the truth about life and ourselves. It is so easy to become distracted by the constant demands of family, business, health, and the myriad forms of entertainment readily available. I use these processes in my daily life, and I use them in my work with clients and groups.

They support deep reflection and self-discovery that always lead to the inspiration necessary for living fully and joyfully in this fast paced world. Resource means ‘to source again’. I invite you to take a full, conscious breath . . . relax your shoulders . . . and read, listen or watch. Deep at the centre of Being is Infinite Source.

Morning Prayer (to be read out loud daily)

This is a bright and beautiful day
I am safe and acceptable in this day
As I take 20 full deep connected breaths, I choose to be here and receive
the fullness and abundance of this Generous Universe
I am a participant in this Generous Universe, it is incomplete without me
I have a choice to see the beauty and experience the nourishment available to me
I have a choice to let go of the past
I am filled with gratitude for the love that is in my life
I am grateful for the shelter and support that has always been here for me
I am grateful for all the blessings that this Generous Universe has bestowed upon me
I trust that there is better in store for me than I can imagine so I can just let go and receive all the support and love
I am the Divine Plan manifesting
I have a right to be here safe and whole and complete
I send love to all those whom I know, and to all hearts open to receive love


Below you find three questions that you can ask yourself in any situation, and that will be particularly helpful when you find yourself activated or stressed for reasons unknown. If possible, close your eyes and take a few breaths before asking yourself these questions, on at a time, and listening for the answer:

1) How do I feel right now?
2) What do I want to express?
3) What is the result I want to produce?
Take a deep breath . . . follow with two more deep breaths.  Thank you!

Continue to breathe consciously and bring your awareness to how your body is feeling, right now. Without words of emotion or judgment, describe to yourself the sensations in your feet and legs . . . your buttocks, perineum and genitals . . . your lower belly and lower back?

Remember to breathe.

What are the sensations in your solar plexus and middle back . . . your chest and upper back?  Are your shoulders, arms and hands as relaxed as they could be?  Be aware of your breath, also be aware of your throat and neck . . . your eyes, ears and head.

WELCOME HOME!  This is 'where you are' in this moment of time in space No matter where you are geographically, you are always with a body and the feelings and thoughts that are the 'world' you create.

Now, bring your attention to what you think as you are aware of how your body is feeling.

Take a deep breath, and listen in for what you want to express. What do you want to say or do as you are feeling what you are feeling, sensing what you are sensing?

Remember to breathe.

What is the result you want to produce? Where do you want to be in consciousness?

If there is a discrepancy between 'where you are' at present and 'where you want to be' there will be inner conflict.  If you are creating inner ©   Binnie A. Dansby


By Doctor Joseph Spear and Binnie A. Dansby.

What seems to be the problem?

1. The Problem
Write or speak about the symptoms in exact words.
When did this problem or condition first start?
How old were you and what was going on in your life?

2.Effects – Statement of condition.
Write or speak about all the ways in which this problem or condition affects your life.
What does it cause you or others to do or not to do?
What does it cause you or others to feel or not to feel?

3. Life different.
The best way to release a problem or condition is with love and at a rate that makes you feel comfortable . . . Let us say that you have a magic wand, right now.
When you move this magic wand the problem or condition is completely gone.
How would your life be different?

4.  Concerns.
When you think about the problem or condition being healed and totally gone from your life, thus allowing your life to be different, what concerns do you have about this?
Even if your first thought is that it would be wonderful, think about this and express.
What fears, doubts, guilt, or worries do you have?

5.  Benefits.
As you look at this profile, all of what you have written or spoken, do you see any hidden benefits to having this problem?
This is not something to feel guilty or ashamed about.
Do you see how the problem has actually been a solution?
How does this problem help you?
What does it do for you?

6.  Keep.
What do you do or say to keep this problem or condition in place in your life?

7.  Create.
Create 3 new thought forms that heal the thinking that manifested the result you experience as a problem?

8.  Declare.
Declare an action that you will take within 24 hours, that affirms and confirms the new thought forms in your life.

The Keys:  Benefits and concerns are the real areas of focus for transformation in the process. 

Dr. Joseph Spear & Binnie A. Dansby