Archetypal Affirmations & how they work

Archetypal Affirmations are statements that resonate a ‘Creator Consciousness’ in order to help us conceive the possibility we are truly expressions of love, spirit, safe and supported. Used in the environment of a SOURCE Breathwork session, new ways of thinking about life can be integrated.

The Affirmation will support all that is unlike itself to arise in order to be released. Affirmations are points of contemplation, thoughts you intend to bring into reality in your life. It is a thought form you intend to have become a real experience for you.

Archetypal affirmations address what I have found to be the negative life statements uncovered over and over again in therapeutic exploration. In work with many people, baseline statements were discovered which asserted a belief about life that is still informing the adult and which, when they discovered it, they wished to change.

Each Archetypal Affirmation corresponds directly to a specific energy centre, or chakra, and the colour associated with that centre or body system. The fundamental healing thoughts are:

- “My body is safe, no matter how I may be feeling!” “I am the Earth, I am creativity!” corresponds to the base, the first chakra, the colour primary red.
- “I am surrounded by love and support support from all the beings in my life!” “Everything and everyone in physical form is here to support me in physical form!” corresponds to the navel, the second chakra, the colour vibrant orange.
- “All of my feelings are safe!” “I am the One who chooses what to think and how to use my energy!” corresponds to the solar plexus, the third chakra, the colour primary yellow.
- “I am the innocent child of a Gentle Universe. I deserve to experience all of my love and compassion!” corresponds to the heart centre, the colour vivid grass green.
- “I am an expression of Love!” “My expression is Welcome!” corresponds to the throat centre, the colour blue green, aquamarine.
- “I am connected In Love to all that lives and all that breathes!” “I am connected to Divine Intelligence that knows my good!” corresponds to the third eye centre, the colour primary rich, deep blue.
“I am Spirit manifest in beautiful physical form!” “I am a gift from God to the Earth!” “My Love is received!” corresponds to the crown centre, the colour royal purple, a balance of the colour red, safety, and the colour blue, connection.

The table below shows Archetypal Affirmations with corresponding Chakra colours as well as Archetypal Negatives.

I’ve collected together my Archetypal Affirmations for you to print off and, who knows, pop up on your fridge door, keep in your purse, or maybe share with your dear friend who needs some love and support right now. Whatever you decide I share these with you, with Love.
Beautiful Affirmations Sheet

(For further details of each colour see the 8 coloured lotus flowers on the upper right of this page).