Inspiring birth stories from Lynne Thorsen

Lynne Thorsen, Binnie's co-author and long time friend shares some amazing and inspiring birth experiences in the following videos.

In this personal story of the birth of her three children teacher and author, Lynne Thorsen shares her powerful healing journey with giving birth and becoming a mother.

Talking though her own experiences of pregnancy Lynne reveals the decisions and reasons behind her birth choices; home birth, water birth and what happens when you are presented with what could be seen as a negative. In Lynne's case at 32 weeks being told your child is in breach position and still being committed to a home birth.

Exciting times as Binnie A Dansby and Lynne Throsen discuss their new book, about birth and how they first met and became co-authors.

After 30 years of working with Pre and Perinatal issues both with couples and adults remembering and releasing their births it is an exciting prospect for Binnie and now Lynne to put this into book form; to Inspire, Empower and Support the creation of an Ecstatic, Empowered, Conscious Birth for all the family.

Lynne discovered Binnie via a search for SOURCE Process Breathwork and up popped Binnie's name and the fact that she was also associated with ecstatic, empowered birth - a passion of Lynne's. After the birth of her children she wanted to shout to the world that birth doesn't need to be painful or medicated; Binnie and Lynne talk more on this in this short video.

Their book is under creation and publication date will be announced on this website.