Guidance for Mothers

"Women are the mothers of humanity; do not let us ever forget that or underemphasize its importance. What mothers are to their children, and to others, so will men be to men. Women must assume the full birthright of motherhood."

Ashley Montagu, The Natural Superiority of Women, 1952

At a time when more and more women are asking for elective Caesareans sections and the normal procedure in hospital is to have an epidural, you might ask why I am speaking about an alternative choice for staying present with all the feelings in your body. There are many reasons.

Foremost among them is to emphasize and honor the powerful influence of the consciousness of the Mother on all of society.  I also want to encourage the sense of deep satisfaction awaiting a woman who has had a goal and worked to achieve it.

As long ago as 1939, a very wise philosopher and teacher proposed that we could bring about peace on Earth and eradicate many life threatening diseases in a few generations.  He said that this could happen by giving specific attention to the environment, health and consciousness of pregnant women, and thus their babies.  That teacher was Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov.

Many voices have followed.  Journals of confirming research are published regularly by The Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, based in the United States, and the International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine based in Europe.  The Organization for Prenatal Education in England has as an aim to provide information related to prenatal life in order to promote harmonious physical and psychological development of the unborn child.  There are groups in every civilized country working to support the realization that babies are alert and learning in the womb and at birth.  It is of utmost importance that we address the issues, both personal and global, that this knowledge brings forth.

Was your mother aware of your consciousness when she was pregnant with you?  Did she speak to you while you were in her body?  Did she listen while you were co-creating a body . . . making up your mind?  Did your mother look forward to your birth as an opportunity to express her power and authority?