The following is a collection of helpful links to additional sites and resources collated by Binnie A Dansby that may also be of value and support for you during pregnancy and birth.

Source Breathwork

The International Professional Breathwork Alliance - is a consortium of professional schools, trainers and practitioners who support and promote the integration of Breathwork in the world as an accessible and vital healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Join the mailing list and receive and free newsletter.

Jim Morningstar - Clinical psychotherapist and Breathworker, director of Transformations Incorporated and co director of the IBTA. Jim compiled the EBOOK; The Complete Breath, featuring a chapter by Binnie, available on this site.

Breathwork News - Breathwork Europe. Helping to heal, one breath at a time. Rebirthing and related Health Journeys Brilliant Guided Imagery by Belleruth Naparstek. Breathe Magazine the international Breathwork magazine.

International Breathwork Foundation - Organization for international Breathworkers.

Breath Mastery - Breathwork site by Dan Brule.

Saving Childhood Forum  - This website is for anyone who believes children need and deserve time and space simply to be children, free from the pressures and influences that await them in our success-driven, image-conscious, materialistic, technological age.

Childbirth, Pregnancy and Motherhood

Outstanding information, research and ideas about the psychology of being human, from conception onward.

Soul Birthing - Created by Binnie A Dansby and Lynne Thorsen, Soul Birthing is a healing process designed to CREATE Choice, Clarity, Purpose and JOY! It's time to Reveal, Release, Replace, RENEW. Learn about Healing Programmes and Events. - The internet's original, ground-breaking website about waterbirth.
 Karil Daniels provides in-depth and extensive information on the newest innovation in safe, gentle, joyous childbirth. Great videos and other products and information on waterbirth.

Birthing the Future - by Suzanne Arms

Fathers-to-Be - A superb resource addressing the needs of fathers in the transition to fatherhood.

Birth Balance – Since 1987, Judith Halek has been disseminating information and resources of water birth. This is the Internet’s  largest water birth bibliography reference along with extensive listings of books, audio tapes, Video, DVD’s, CD’s and booklets.  An extensive photography gallery emphasizes labour support doulas and water birth.  In New York.

First 9 Months - Outstanding pictorial...of the first 9 months.

Birthlight - Yoga for pregnancy, baby Yoga and water work for mothers and babies.

Foresight - Pre-conception and pregnancy information. Outstanding information about nutritional and environmental influences on both the mother and father-to-be, before conceiving. Especially good for those who are being challenged in trying to conceive.

Sacred Birthing - Just as it sounds and a lovely site.

Birthing From Within - An excellent site on the inner experience of pregnancy and birth.

Home Birth Videos - Just as it sounds...and more.

Your Days - Your Days is a free online ovulation calendar and woman's health articles about pregnancy, fertility and general reproductive health.

Drugwatch Women in Pregnancy - Educational guides on women's pregnancy and birth defects providing information on FDA recalls, defective devices, medications, side effects and interactions for expecting mothers. See also, Drugwatch Women’s Health

The Recovery Village - At The Recovery Village, we are dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery. According to the U.S. Dept of Health, an estimated 5.9% of pregnant women in the US used illicit drugs, and around 8.5% drank alcohol during pregnancy (2012 study). We believe it is vital to educate expecting mothers on substance abuse during pregnancy and risks that it poses to the mother and baby.

Maternity At Home - Run by Natalie a pediatrician the Maternity at Home blog it's your resource for pregnancy and beyond.

Consciousness, Spirituality & Health

A Course in Miracles - A unique, universal, self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to Love and Inner Peace is through Forgiveness.