Connection - The Third Eye Chakra

Connection is no longer a concept, because you begin to connect all your parts.

You really discover: ‘I am a loving being. I’m doing all these wonderful things for myself’. And it is beginning to extend outwards, and I know then, in every cell of my body, that I am connected. It is no longer a concept, because I begun to connect all of my parts. I have a thought, and it manifests in my body; in a SOURCE Breathwork session it happens instantly. So, you get the experience that ‘I am connected’.

And that begins to extend, and I can begin to include everyone. I know that I am thinking with you. I have experienced over and over and over again, of us thinking the same thought, or doing the same thing at the same time, or moving in the same direction at the same time.

I am connected, this center, this amazing, fabulous, wondrous center of love and wisdom and connection; the third eye, the eye that looks inward in order to see out. The eye that looks in and sees the whole Universe - as One. And then comes out, into it, with it. And that blue, combined with the yellow, makes the color green - it’s so sweet, the color spectrum, you can learn so much by just getting into the colors and how they combine.