Choice - The Solar Plexus Chakra

Creator Consciousness makes a choice about what to think, so that the energy that is flowing can nourish that thought. As I choose what to I think, 
I determine how I am going to experience the next moment. 

And we come to the Binnie chakra! Now, there are many systems, and there are actually many more chakras than the basic seven we talk about all the time. It is this one between the yellow and the green of the heart that I call the resurrection chakra. Resurrection happens every spring when everything comes to life again.

And the color of brand new leaves, this wonderful yellow-green, it has even become an important fashion color in the last couple of years. The resurrection of God’s child is the knowledge, is the certainty that I am the one who chooses. I can feel however I am feeling, I can let my feelings move, I can let my energy move into every cell of my body, and I am the one who chooses what to think about it.

As I choose what I think, I determine how I am going to experience the next moment of now. I create how I am going to experience my life! I have a choice. This takes you directly out of victim consciousness, and put you into creator consciousness.