AFTER BIRTH Resolving and Honouring the Birth of Your Baby

Join Roma Norriss and Binnie Dansby for a gentle, moving and deep opportunity to release anything you have been carrying that is unresolved about your child’s birth.

Sometimes a birth experience deviates greatly from what you hoped for.
Sometimes—even if outwardly it went to plan—you are left with mixed feelings.
Sometimes it is years before a woman is able to admit that she had difficulty coming to terms with giving birth.

Do you feel grief, loss, anger or shame when you think of your child’s birth? Maybe you keep replaying it in your mind? Perhaps you are preparing for another baby and feel anxious as you approach birth again. Many things can cause these thoughts and feelings: a loss of control or dignity, a lack of respect from those around you, not being heard, pressure or anxiety from caregivers, separation from your baby, fear for your or their wellbeing.

– Connect with others and have an opportunity to share your experience
– Experience process work to release grief and anger
– Shift your perspective to a more powerful one
– Reframe your story in a way that you never have before
– Find forgiveness for yourself and those involved so that you can move on

Where: The Active Birth Centre, 25 Bickerton Rd, London N19 5JT

For information and booking: www.birthingabetterworld.co.uk/after-birth