BEING A LOVING PARENT, The inner and Outer Experience

Here, a little introduction of tomorrow’s Being a Loving Parent talk for you:

As we evolve in our consciousness of connection, of Being One with ALL that lives, we must acknowledge that happiness is not an everyday passing mood. Happiness is the deep sense of satisfaction and joy that comes from living in balance and harmony with ALL the parts of our environment and ourselves.
We are consciousness that co-creates, and as such, we cause an effect beyond the realm of our awareness in the present and for generations to come. Connection and relationship are one and the same.
This evening talk will focus attention on the truth that every relationship reflects the ever-present relationship that we have with our self.

  • Are you the best parent you can possibly be to yourself?
  • Do you respond to your self with love and compassion in all situations?
  • Do you listen to yourself first?
  • Our children will reflect to us the unresolved issues that are deep within us. We either parent the way our parents did, or we can explore, develop, and heal in order to better parent our selves, our children and our world.

    This event is in Copenhagen and is sponsored by Katrine N Christensen.

    For more information Contact:
    Katrine N Christensen +45 23 27 39 16 or via