Safe & Supported

Being Safe and Supported in Healing.

Now, our next step was to discover that while there were lots and lots of these others around, nobody was listening, and no one was actually there to be gentle with us. And in fact we got put over in a little box, and there were nobody there at all. Now, this is engendered during pregnancy. What I have noticed is that pregnant women are supporting another human being. And that human being is in her body, in this second chakra, the chakra of support, the social chakra many people call it.

It’s a very intimate situation, but/and she is walking around and thinking there is no one there for me, because she was born the same way she is going to give birth to us, and her mother was born the same way. I have got to do this, I’ve got this family to take care of, I’ve got this husband to take care of, I’ve got this house to take care of, and there is nobody there for me. So, we are inside the body, and the mind system of someone who’s convinced that it is not safe, and there is no one there for me. What are we going to think?

They are in our cellular structure, these archetypals. We quite literally create ourselves in the soil that is thinking that it is not safe, and that I am not supported. And our mothers give birth to us in the way they think about life. So, we then have a physical experience of it when we are born. It’s a thought, it’s a concept, it’s there, but/and it can be changed at any moment if we are received in love, if we are supported in some way when we come out.