Expression - The Throat Chakra

Expression is a circular process, it includes listening.

So, we move up through the chakra system, opening the heart, because we do have to get used to ‘I am safe, and I am supported’, and ‘it’s OK to feel’ before we really let it open a little bit. And when it’s open, we begin to have a glimmer of ourselves as the expression of love that we are. This energy center (throat) is about expression, but/and it is not about violent expression, although that can be part of it. It’s about the expression of love to yourself.

And expression is a circular process - this center includes the ears, includes listening. Listening is the key to all communication. Listening for love, looking for love, it’s there. As this center opens, as we open our throats, and this is why we emphasize relaxing our jaw when breathing, you are physically opening the channel for more air, for more energy, more life support to move in  - to help open your heart. It is a circular process, and it continues. It isn’t ‘Oh, I did this once’. It is not about opening your throat, and relaxing your jaw once, it’s an ongoing process because it expands, and expands, and expands. And believe me, it opens up channels to wonders you can’t even imagine.

Your Expression is Welcome!

If you were certain that someone was listening, what would you say?
If you knew that the world was watching what would you do?
How were you greeted at your birth? 
The physical body is an expression of our thoughts about Life.
Listening is the key to successful communication.

When we know that we are safe and that support is certain, we can open our hearts and allow our feelings, our fabulous life energy, our passion, to nourish expression that causes healing and connection. 

Our ability to be in the physical experience with love and honour and respect for ourselves and others is influenced by our earliest experiences, our culture, and our environment. If what we have learned is not creating satisfying relations with all aspects of life, we can re-source ourselves. We can change our patterning, our learned experience, and create from a new foundation, a new source.

The healing thoughts for this centre are:

- I am connected in love to all that lives and all that breathes!
- I am connected to Divine Intelligence that knows my good!
- My timing is perfect!
- I am always in the right place at the right time, doing and saying the right thing!