Binnie and her team appear around the world talking at events, conferences, congresses as well as more recently Virtual Events. All of which will be listed below and on Binnie’s Facebook Events page.


My next weekend in Denmark is 24 to 26 August 2018. The subject of inquiry and discovery is Intimacy, Sensuality, and Sexuality.
This weekend will be followed by a profound 2 days of deepening into Forgiveness, 21 to 23 September.
For information about the SOURCE 5-month programs and open weekends contact, Dorte Andersson
* Relationship will be the subject of an evening workshop at Sanitas in Hillerod, Denmark, 23 August. 18.00 – 21.30.
* Manifestation will be the subject of an evening at Sanitas in Hillerod, Denmark on 19 September. 18.00 – 21.30
Come along to get acquainted or to deepen your practice. I look forward to meeting.
For information contact, Anita Juhl,


I will join Dan Brule in Paris, 28th of August, for an evening lecture to promote his book, JUST BREATHE (Link to page). It has now been translated into French. The following afternoon, 29 August, Dan and I will present an experiential workshop.
For information please, contact, Kathy Joachin,


NAOS Image

Elmer Postle and I are partnering to teach a 10-month course –

Our First 1000 Days: Diploma in Applied Prenatal and Perinatal PsychologyDeveloping the capacity to listen and be present to self and other through profound healing and integration of the seminal, early experiences of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood.

Beginning in January 2019, the course is sponsored by NAOS Institute. Click on this link to see what we are offering and share with people whom you know who might be interested,

Contact NAOS direct on:
or Elmer at
Phone: +44 (0) 782 792 3134  for more information.

End note from Binnie:

This is a time for listening ‘in’ and of enjoying the energy of holidays and sunshine. I feel a sense of renewal and wanting to know how to be of greater service.

I so enjoy my one on one sessions, in person or online. You are welcome to make contact If you think that I can support you in any way.